Friday, November 23, 2007

gobbling traditions

ah, another turkey day come and gone! katrina and i attempted to pull off a rather nostalgic one.
while i ran around like the poor bird with its head cut off, cooking our "traditional" dishes to take ot marias-- i plied katy with pancakes, coffee, and the parade, and forced her to peel apples for me.

while making my kitchen a disaster zone, we managed to make a green bean casserole, mash potatoes, artichoke dip, and pieces of an apple pie, all with the parade and then dog show in the background. luckily jeff came and fetched us from my apartment, saving us from dragging our raw dishes and many bottles of wine around the city.

maria and jeff had invited several people over in true sitcom experience. and it was actually quite lovely.

just call me the extra head.

there were only minor disasters including
flames that ate off the top of the yams.

several feet of smoke, not caused by the fire but by the pie.


luckily we managed to contain ourselvs and not all run off with the man hair .

a tragedy all on its own is why i continue to take crack pictures.

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