Thursday, October 25, 2007

where blessings come from

i had a pretty shitty week this week.  shangala bangala in the least charming way. certainly all the mbaya sane matatas (shit, basically) were amplified by the countdown raging in my head and heart.  but that's life. right?

i almost didnt go running this afternoon, though i felt like a slug, because of a huge dust storm raging outside, pulling everything down in its wake. but at the last second decided some good music and some alone time might be a salve.

i let guido and jan run a few minutes before me, so as not to slow them down, then took off. i was lucky- the gusts of dust seemed to hit as i passed by trees and little homes, blocking it just enough so i could breathe.  when i approached the turn for the longer run, i contemplated turning around so as not to get caught out in either the open field dust or the approaching dark, but the sight of guido and jan tearing back down past me, spurred me on. 

wow.  when i made it up through the forest and turned the corner to the fields- the most beautiful sight i have ever seen.  a full rainbow coming straight out of kili disappearing in the clouds, then appearing perfectly down the opposite side.  mesmerized i had to run on into it, up the mountain.  at the top of my route, i stood transfixed by the sight, trying to drink in the details, burn them on my brain.  the rainbow became a double rainbow, spectacular. the sunset seared the furious wind orange. and kili revealed herself in all her glory.

kwa nini? why?  that moment is mine. and if it is to make up for the week, well i feel well paid for years to come.

tomorrow night we celebrate my favorite holiday!!!!
pretty good for practically no pumpkins in town and only a big putcher the coconut shrunken heads are a nice touch if i do say so myself:

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