Tuesday, October 30, 2007

roof riding

riding on the top of greg's car with a huge herd of elephants. 5 minutes earlier these elephants were close enough i thought i would pee in my pants.

it is good to get away from moshi for a day or two. it is fantastic to go on safari. john, mother, greg, terry, and their little boy nikoli and i headed out to tarengarie national park for the evening.  it was fantastic.  this beautiful park is largely unvisited, and as such the park fees have remained affordable.  it is full of the most beautiful bao bao trees and tons of elephant as well as other animals. 

simba looks tired
we stayed at greg and terry's friend's lodge, which has cabins right on the cliff overlooking the river. terry, greg, and nikoli are also hilarious company.  terry climbed up on the roof of the car barely 10 minutes into the park and i was happy to join her.  with her up there, it was hard for mother or john to feel it was unsafe, though i can't imagine they would ever have allowed me to if she hadn't nonchalantly climbed out the sun roof.  for the next 24hrs it was impossible to drag me off it.

many watoto out in the park today

clinging to the railing for life as we tore through the dust was just about one of the loveliest things i have ever done.

unbelievable really.  must be cgi.

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