Friday, October 12, 2007

la fiesta africa

dancing and rugby, what more can you ask for?

due completely to meghan impressive organizational skills, or perhaps due to her uncontrollable desire for la jacaranda food, she managed to pull together a huge  group for a last minute trip to arusha.  we even went in style in cars for goodness sake instead of the scary bus.  all for the sake of a rumor of salsa dancing.  meghan has much more faith in random posters around town then i do, but she managed to convince me to come anyway. 
see obviously salsa. he has a sombrero

growing up in durham, i don't think i once drove all the way to raliegh to go clubbing. to go to concerts, yes- to pick up my boyfriend, to get my best friend a stripper and throw her on a mechanical bull. but dancing? no.  here we were driving a good hour, stuffed in both rick and meghan's rickety cars just on the hint of salsa dancing.  strangely, we found several people had actually been to "salsa night" but no one could tell us where it exists. i suppose after the liquor and the activity getting to and from becomes a blur, maybe that's part of la fiestas strategy.  keep the allure.

happily, i kept my wits about me and now know the secret location.  not only that, but we found the movie theatre as well (though the Bourne is sadly gone and indian films have taken over the roster.)

a little scary.  must be all that wild dancing.  anne would be so proud.

why do i have such a big head?? why? kwa nini??

just getting things started:

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