Friday, October 5, 2007

jenny from the block

last weekend was a rollicking "girls' weekend" in arusha. well, rollicking might be a bit excessive. in fact, we did not even hit up the brand spanking new "movie theatre" which i am told is showing the new Bourne. i cannot believe it. i cannot believe, 1) that it really exists or 2) that it does exist and we missed it. oh well.

we did, however, go paragliding. sadly, for me, the wind was incredibly strong. but meghan is a rockstar. she was taking off again and again with little delicate landings.

at least i didnt repeat juls' landing in the acacia tree, that would have been rather awful. i do have a rather painful thorn in my hand, but that was the Hash's fault, not crazy Per or his paragliders.

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