Tuesday, October 9, 2007

home is that tree outside my window

home is this quilt upon my bed
home is any place my love goes
home is where my heart can rest
~"home 235" robin & linda williams

home is also good bluegrass. i hope i can find some in new york.

the count down is officially on. for better or worse, i will indeed be going back to the states at the end of october. halloween is my current date. fitting, somehow. certainly the set up for a good horror flick.

i don't know that i'm ready to go. actually, i know i'm not ready to go, not ready to leave my friends here. africa is the dream on the edge of sleep, where you waft between snatches of happiness and the growing weight of reality threatening you through your fluttering eyelashes.  i'm holding tight to the dream, pulling the mosquito net firmly over my head...

on the other hand, i know i have to go back. i have to work for a salary again. and i do want to get back on the stage. i miss it, my first love. hopefully, life won't feel purposeless and meaningless compared to the dream.

the google news feeds aren't doing a whole lot to help those feelings.

curious george  recalled due to lead. the washington plane crash  left no survivors.

    the woman didn't survive her fall out of the hot air balloon.    some idiot at Columbia U. left a noose for his african american prof. police have decided the school shooting in ohio wasn't random, even though the kid only wounded his victims, managing just to kill himself.   bush vetoed the child health care bill. course i don't have any health care at all.   
yet another report of misfire and dead citizens in iraq   the only entertainment news: poor brits not only lost custody of the kids but is being accused of beating her ex hubby kfed. 

worst of all  banquet is recalling potpies. potpies!!! seems they're poisonous like everything else in america.

but to be fair, it's not just america.

 Ebola is threatening the border between the congo and  cough tanzania

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