Friday, September 7, 2007

Tanzania Telecommunications Company Ltd.

in the US, when you purchase an internet service, you pick up a box, go home, and wait for someone in the netherworl to flip a switch. you might put in an installation cd. you might even spend all day waiting for a disenchanted technician to show up at your door to flip a switch in your house.

we decided to go all out and try to get a faster internet connection at A5.  the only provider of "broadband" is TTCL.

after 3 days of waiting for them to show up and install it (which honestly is not all that different a wait than in the US), a bright yellow TTCL pickup truck came hurtaling down the driveway.  3 people sat in the cabin and 4 more were standing in the truck bed, holding onto railings.  all 7 hopped out. 2 began pacing the yard... "discussing." the others came into the house- a clever looking young man with a baseball cap, 2 men ready to get down and dirty, a professionally dressed woman to touch the computer keyboard, and their leader, and their leader, a boistrous man with rich dark skin and a wandering eye to issue commands.  all five crowded around the laptop in a picture perfect tableua that i was desperate to capture.  unfortunately, eventually they had to give up for the day, leaving the job unfinished...

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