Sunday, July 1, 2007

how many ways to die

the view from the air:

view from the ground:

1. riding in the same type of bus that killed 20 people on the same route 6 days prior
2. sitting on someones lap to fit 5 people in the same shockless taxi while exhaust fumes pour in.
3. throwing yourself off a mountain
4. trusting a dane
5. riding/bouncing on *top* of a land cruiser going incredibly fast through the ditches


6. landing/hanging in an acacia (thorn tree), the thorns piercing every 2 inches of you like a scene directly out of Saw (shangalabagala "hopeless" --i'm glad it wasn't me, poor julia.)
7. climbing on top and through said acacia with 8 others to detangle impossibly twined chute, hoping no one falls into it, is stabbed in the eye or anything else irreparable, or flung into the air if someone accidentally lets go of the bent trunk
8. riding on top of same land cruiser in the freezing, pitch black through downtown as people hoot and holler at you and occasionally try to climb up and join you
and those are just the obvious ones...

riding home in a smaller, less crowded bus with a rockin sound system:

even andrew/truck sleeps:

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