Friday, June 22, 2007


kilimanjaro. beautiful

i'm freezing today. in africa. ha.
but then again, yesterday was the shortest day of the year here--the winter/summer solstice!
it has been cloudy and hazy, though there hasn't been any rain in nearly three weeks. the roads are as dusty as always. my feet are particularly grim as i haven't made it into the shower during the daylight in a while. by the evening we either are in a "brown out" or have no power at all. during a brown out, the voltage goes up and down erratically and lights, especially florescent bulbs flicker on only a few seconds every 5 minutes or so. the bathroom is pitch black by 730pm. we keep a flashlight by the sink and if i aim it just right, i can get it to reflect off the mirror and give me a tad more glow. it's just enough to show me the difference b/t the shampoo and conditioner. yesterday my itchy legs drove me to the razor-light or no light. luckily i managed without any scarring.

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