Friday, June 29, 2007

Restituta and Chrisburger

today was Resti's last day working at KIWAKKUKI. she is an amazing women. hard to grasp that we are the same age-a reflection of what i might have been in another time and place, she's my mother's "african daughter." KIWAKKUKI supported her as an orphan, put her through school from primary all the way to get her social work degree. instead of going for a higher paying job, she came back to the organization to help other AIDS orphans.

she was married last christmas and her husband has been living in another town all this time. it doesn't seem fair that he can't move here. when i asked, she looked at me as if i was crazy. Kichaa! (mad)
i'll miss her

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  1. Ou.....I'll miss her, too. I'll have to try to find her Monday.



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