Saturday, June 16, 2007

Kalulu the Hare

from my english teaching tools:


Kalulu the Hare and Hyena were friends, and they lived together in the same village.
One day Hare said to Hyena, "Hyena, we are not eating well. We are not eating enough fat. We must eat more fat."
Hyena said, "We have not enough fat to eat."
Hare said, "I know a way of getting fat."
Hyena said, "How will you get fat, Kalulu?"
Kalulu said, "There is a cart which comes along this road, and the men have pots of fat in the cart. I will lie down on the road. The men will see me and they will think that I am dead. They will put me into the cart, meaning to eat me when they get home."

"Yes, yes!" said Hyena, "but how shall we get the fat?"
"I will throw a pot out of the cart on to the road," said Hare.
"Yes, yes!" said Hyena, "that is good!"
Then Hare and Hyena went to a place on the road and Hare lay down on the road. He looked as if he was dead.
Then the cart came along the road. And one of the men in the cart said, "Ho! Ho! Ho! Stop! There is a dead hare lying on the road."
"What will you do with it?" the other man said.
"We will put the hare in the cart," said the man. "We will take the hare home and cook it and eat it."
Then the man took Kalulu and threw him into the cart. The cart went on.

Kalulu looked at all the things in the cart. He found a big pot of fat. He threw the pot out on to the road. The men did not see Hare throw the pot of fat out of the cart. Then Hare jumped out of the cart and the cart went on.
Hyena thought, "I will lie down on the road too. I will get another pot of fat." So Hyena lay down on the road and the cart came along.
"Ho! Ho! Ho! Stop!" cried one of the men. "There is a hyena lying on the road."
"Is it dead?" said the other man in the cart. "Is it really dead?"
"I do not know," said the other man, and he hit Hyena with his big stick.
"Ow! Ow! Ow!" cried Hyena, and he ran away.

Then Hare came, bringing his pot of fat and they sat down to eat the fat.
Now Kalulu did not want Hyena to eat much fat. Kalulu wanted to eat all the fat himself. So he said to Hyena, "Oh, Hyena, if you eat much fat you will be ill."
"No, Kalulu," said Hyena, "I shall not be ill."
And Hare said, "If you go to sleep and when you wake there is fat in your mouth, you are ill. You are ill because you have eaten too much fat."

Then Hyena went to sleep. Kalulu put a big piece of fat in Hyena's mouth.
After some time Hyena woke up. And when he found the big piece of fat in his mouth he said, "I am ill, Kalulu. I am very ill. I will not eat any more fat."
So Kalulu ate all the fat himself. And he laughed --and laughed --and laughed.

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