Thursday, June 21, 2007

A5 bartlett hotel

looking out at our driveway-house A5

come to africa, fall in love. i dare you not to.
come for too long and you are infected, longing to come back and uncontrollably urging everyone else you know to do the same. a powerful virus...
since we are here, we have convinced my aunts and uncles and cousin to visit us instead of our annual outer bank trip. the first group arrived this week. it is my cousins James and Alex's first trip out of america. a far cry from a leisurely trip to england or france, to the museums and restaurants. the Louvre is amazing, the Vatican worthy of unending examination, i wouldn't have missed Pompeii, while Ramses and the Pyramids still linger in my dreams... but if i could only choose one for my future children -if they may be- i would spend any extra cent to get them to the plains of africa, the lions in the misty mornings, the umbrella trees, and the herd of elephants with their babies towering over your jeep.

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